Thursday, July 28, 2011

Christian or Not?

     The recent situation regarding the bombing in Oslo, Norway, has been particularly interesting.  The mainstream news media immediately pounced on the suggestion that the 32 year old Norwegian suspect named Anders Breivik was a "Christian", since he is not Muslim, and he is white.  The same man is accused of the massacre of almost 80 people at a Labor Party youth camp on Utoya Island near Oslo shortly after the bombing at the Prime Minister's office.
      Before these ruthless acts, Breivik sent out numerous copies of a 1500 plus page "Manifesto" in which the word "Christian" was used a few times prompting idiots like those at the New York Times to take the opportunity to demonize Christians.   The same mainstream rag dubbed Tim McVeigh (an atheist) and Jared Loughner (left wing liberal nut)  "Christians" as well.  The people doing this are trying to foster an atmosphere of hatred and distrust towards "fundamental Christianity" and they use every opportunity that is presented.

     This whole thing got me thinking.....I wonder how they feel about their "Messiah" in the White House trying to convince everyone in the world that he is a Christian?  Seems a little strange that they would demonize the faith of their President...Or are they?

     What is a Christian?  A Christian is a person who worships a God/Man/Spirit named Jesus Christ of Nazareth who willingly sacrificed himself upon a cross in a substitutionary atonement for the sins of mankind, thereby allowing mankind to have personal access to his creator and  freedom from sin and death. 
     True Christianity is not a man-made religion like every other religion in the world.  It is a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THE GOD OF CREATION, and as such, requires a standard of behavior that is higher than any other standard in human society.  Christians, true Christians, do not murder innocent people and blow up government buildings - PERIOD.   The standard for a Christian starts at the 10 Commandments and goes even further by teaching that if you think on killing a person, you have already committed murder.

     Why is this subject important?  Next year this country will again be electing a President and there are numerous politicians who will claim to be "Christian" in order to get votes and some politicians, like the current President, claim to be Christian as well.  Jesus said that you will know Christians by their fruit, so let's look at some fruit.

     The Bible is quite clear that life begins before conception, in that God knows you before you are formed in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5), this means that abortion is murder.  No Christian would support the abortion of a child, in particular, the disgusting procedure called "partial birth abortion" supported by the Democratic party and Obama. 
     Obama, while at Harvard, wrote an article in the Harvard Law Review that pushed unlimited abortion rights and said that the government had more important business than "ensuring that any particular fetus is born".  One of his first executive acts as President was to reverse the Bush policy that stopped public funding of international abortions through NGO's.  He is a proponent of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) which sounds nice, but forces organizations who disagree with abortions to provide them on demand.    

     The Bible is also clear about the fact that homosexuality is a sin (Romans 1:26-27).  Sin is a voluntary act of disobedience to God, therefore, homosexuality is not a genetic condition.  No Christian supports the agenda of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender sinners.  A Christian is to love this sinner as he loves others but he is to call the action of homosexuality what it is, a sin.
     The modern politician and the current President supports the homosexual agenda because they know it eventually destroys homosexual individuals and families in general.  This is a small part of bringing in another plank of the Communist manifesto and socialism. 
     In a speech in Ohio, March 2008, Obama actually tried to use the Biblical "Sermon on the mount" given by Jesus to defend gay rights and referred to the Romans 1 scripture as some "obscure" passage.  A true Christian would say there is nothing "obscure" in any chapter of the book of Romans. 
     Obama has consistently called for the repeal of the military "don't ask, don't tell" policy which will put homosexuals and other soldiers at risk.   He has instructed the Justice Department not to defend DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) statutes because he feels they are unconstitutional.  He instructed our Justice Department to not uphold a law!  Finally, the recent passage of "hate crimes" legislation, snuck through on a defense appropriations bill, protects sexual deviants of all stripes engaging in pedophilia, and 500 other deviant sexual activities.  All of this activity under the watch of a "Christian" President.
     One more important note on this subject:  In the United Kingdom, February 2011, the high court suggested that Christians with traditional (read fundamental, Bible believing) views on sexual ethics are unsuitable as foster parents and suggested that children risk being "infected" by Christian moral beliefs.  A quick look at our future if we continue to let this LGBT agenda grow.

     This same "Christian" President has announced to the entire world that the United States is not a Christian nation when the overwhelming majority of people in this country claim to be Christian as he does.  He does not participate in Judeo/Christian "National Day of Prayer" activities, and actually prefers to host Islamic "Ramadan" dinners instead. 
     At Georgetown University, in April of 2009, Obama insisted that all Christian symbology in the auditorium be covered or removed from sight before he gave his speech.  He uses the fact that he swore his Presidential oath on the Bible as more proof that he is a Christian, but won't mention the fact that his oath was "bumbled" and had to be re-sworn in private after the inauguration.  In private he could have sworn his oath on a Koran or a Betty Crocker cookbook for all I know. 
     Since I brought up the Koran, please note that this President and many other politicians seem to have a proclivity towards the acceptance of false religions like Islam.  Any semi-intelligent person who reads through a Koran can tell that the prophet Mohammed was an illiterate, demon possessed, murdering pedophile, and that Islam is absolutely anti-Christian and anti-Jew.  No true Christian can accept any tenant of Islam - they teach that Christ is not the son of god, Christ/God are not part of a trinity, and that Christ was not crucified!

     One of the most corrupt and vicious organizations on the planet is the United Nations.  Their definition of "Peace-Keeping" is genocide and there is plenty of history to prove it if you do some research on Katanga, East Timor, Rwanda, Uganda, etc...  A Christian abstains from all appearance of evil and corruption and these are the two most prominent attributes of the U.N. 
     Obama has made it clear that he submits to the wishes of this despotic organization.  The U.N. is a subject for another blog, but an example is in order.  One program called the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) sounds like a good program to protect children, but this convention renders the rights of parents to raise their children impotent.  It specifically protects children from being taught Christianity.  A true Christian would have nothing to do with the United Nations.

     True Christians keep their nose out of everyone elses personal lives.  Your President has seen fit to install Czars and advisors who think that you are not worthy to run your own lives.  This subject is also better served with its own article, but understand this:  John P. Holdren, Obama's Science and Technology Advisor, is a sick, leftist, anti-Christian elitist who thinks it is the government's job to control and reduce population by forced sterilization, forced abortion, and other totalitarian population control methods.  This was tried by another "Christian" during the period of 1934-1945, his name was ...................................

Adolf Hitler.

Are you awake yet?



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